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The heartbreak of Headset Hair

Perhaps you have seen this situation.  Perhaps this has happened to you.

The Scene: A handsome young pilot has just flown in and is relaxing at a social gathering.  wpe9.jpg (11104 bytes)

All is not going well.  He is facing rejection and  social failure.  
Does he have spinach in his teeth?  No, can't be; vegetables aren't in this pilot's diet. 
Bad breath?  The mints took care of that. 
Body odor?  Well, maybe, but a quick discrete sniff confirms that his application of ACF-50 is still operational. 
Even his epaulets are pressed and his skinny black tie is on straight.  
What can it be?  Why don't the ladies fawn and why are the guys snickering?

Dejected and alone, he returns home.  He pauses in front of the hall mirror and sees the horrifying image. 
A nerd is facing back. 
He Has Headset Hair!

Flat around the ears.  Sticking out at all angles where the headset band has rested for all so long!
Even Bill Gates would have trouble looking more nerdy! 
This guy drives an airplane! So, why does the term "Turnip truck" immediately jump to mind?

Fortunately, today, there is a remedy for Headset Hair. 
The product is called Head’s UP .  It has been scientifically formulated with cross linked polymers and aerospace grade elastomers to retain your professional presentation all day long.   The hair springs back to the original lay when the headset is removed, even after a 12 hour shift. 
Its gentle hair support technology will not break the acoustic seal around your earphone gel cups like other firm hold hair products will.  Yet it will bring back the lift within a few minutes of removing the headset. 

Rescue your social life.  Try Head’s UP for men.  
We really do mean No Muss, No Fuss, and no more tears.
You will find it where ever  better pilot supplies are sold.


bulletCross linked polymers "Remember" your hair style.
bulletOne application a day is all you need.
bulletAlso try these fine products:
Head’s UP ATP     Gives that little bit of gray around the temples for that extra professional pilot demeanor.
Shred’s UP           For the younger pilot's hairdo.   It restores spikes and dreadlocks without becoming brittle and breaking off as do so many other products.

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