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Peter Allen Koza

732 Prairie Star Cir.  

Colorado Springs, CO  80916

Phone: 719 938-8737

Cell & Text:  502 797-0666

Professional SUMMARY

Engineer / Programmer / Project Manager offering a wide range of skills and experience related to electronic systems design, development, manufacturing, and construction. Extensive experience in the design and implementation of real time Instrumentation and Control systems. The designs encompass both hardware and software development, from discrete component circuit design (analog and digital) to large Distributed Control Systems.

Work Experience Bullet items
  • Designed and programmed real time control systems (analog process and discrete logic).

  • Experienced with all IEC 61131-3 languages.
    Ladder logic: Multiple vendors and generations.
    Function Block diagrams: Honeywell Experian DCS, and Rockwell L5k
    Structured text: (Frequently created with a spread sheet.)
    Sequential Function Charts: Used for recipes
    Instruction List: Extensive assembly language programming experience.

  • Other Languages:
    Honeywell Command Language: For TDC3000 generation of Process Manager
    Basic: In various iterations
    Data base programming: Early dBase and SQL
    Designed and implemented operator Interfaces (MMI or HMI) and SCADA systems
    (eg. Wonderware, IFix, Panelview, and other venders.)

  • In passing: XML / L5K, Java, Forth, Fortran,

  • Provided Systems Integration – hardware, software, troubleshooting, and documentation.

  • Project Manager for fast build facilities: Equipment Startup & troubleshooting of electrical, mechanical and computer systems.

  • Technical writer of print and online based operations, maintenance manuals, procedures, etc.

  • Created customer, operator, and maintenance technician training materials and conducted classes

Formal Education

College of the Redwoods, Eureka, California – Aviation private pilot ground school     1968

University of California at Santa Barbara -- Electrical Engineering   1968 through 1970

University of Washington, Seattle -- Electrical Engineering     1974

Green River Community College – Aviation Instrument and Commercial ground school

University of California Extension – Creating a business plan     2002

Renton Technical Institute, Advanced C++ programming     2003


IEC 61131-3 Languages

  Ladder Logic

  Function Block Diagrams

  Structured Text

  Sequentional Function Charts

  Assembly Language 

    Aka: Instruction List

 Honeywell Command Language CL

 dBase relational data base

Basic in various forms





  C++ "Advanced"




Communications Skills




Rockwell Graphics

  Panelview SE, ME, more

Published Writer

Published Photographer

Broadcast Radio



Technical Instructor

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