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Selected Work Stories

Each bullet item has a story behind it.  Please ask for details or click on hyperlink for more information.  

Manufacturing Systems
Other Systems
Test Engineering


Circuit design
  • Analog designs since the introduction of integrated circuits circa 1972.

  • Digital computer and analog & digital interface designs

  • Early 8008 and Z80 designs

  • Designed a small bulk weighing system that stayed in production for over a decade.

  • One bit computer

  • High voltage pulse power

Material Handling Control Systems
  • Published photographer and writer (since 1963)

  • Broadcast D.J.

  • Broadcast news coverage of civil unrest

  • General Radiotelephone operator license with Ship’s Radar Endorsement (Formerly Class I)

  • Amateur Radio Extra License

  • Private Pilot Certificate 1969

  • Instrument Airplane 1993

  • PADI Rescue Diver Certification

  • Heavy equipment operation

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